Hicks Cemetery
Grant County, NM
Submitted by Ray Page
This small cemetery is located on the east side of New Mexico State Route 35 at approximately Mile Post 9.5, just north of the Allie Canyon crossing. Located by GPS it is found at W 32E54'37.0"; N 108E00'19.5".

Ira Selman Turner May 24, 1913      Nov. 10, 1987 MM2 US Navy-World War II
Lucinda Francis Age 5 yrs, 8 mos, 21 days Died Feb 24, 1892 Daughter of M.J. and L.A. Gatton
Lucinda Hicks 1842 1923 Mother
James M. Hicks Born Mar 10, 1831 Died May 3, 1903
Nathaniel Hicks Nov. 18, 1863 April 15, 1909

Six children of James and Lucinda Hicks are also buried in this cemetery. They all died in 1882, however, their tombstone are so weathered that they are illegible.

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