Pine Cienega Cemetery
Grant County, NM
Submitted by Ray Page
This cemetery is located 10.3 miles south of the Mule Creek Post Office, off Forest Road 112. To reach the cemetery, turn south from New Mexico State Highway 78 at the Mule Creek Post Office on to Forest Road 112. Approximately 10 miles south of Mule Creek Post Office there is a metal gateway with the words "Pine Cienega" over the roadway. Another .3 mile, after crossing a cement low water crossing across Pine Cienega Creek, an unmarked road turns to the left. 7/10ths of a mile in a northerly direction the road will enter a meadow along Pine Cienega Creek and make a sharp turn to the right. Where the road makes this right hand turn, there is an unused road that goes to the left, crossing the creek. After crossing the creek, there is a fallen down barbed wire fence. From the fence, the cemetery is about 100 yards to the west. Coordinates located by GPS are N3300'38.1" W10858'32.7".
Mrs. Mary E. Miller Age 59 yrs. Died Dec. 14, 1897
Marthy E. Pitts Aged 64 yrs. 10 mos. And 12 days Died March 24, 1897 Wife of T. Pitts
Darling Daughter of W.R. & V.E. Pitts Born and died May 21, 1895
Son of W.R. & V. E. Pitts Aged 1 yrs. 1 mos. 28 ds. Died June 28, 1892 Gone but not forgotten
Wife of W.F. Lewis
Mar 26 1882 May 13, 1924 Mother asleep in Jesus We miss you from our home

There are an additional 7-8 unmarked graves in this cemetery.

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